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From radio, to print, to TV and speaking and hosting events, Jen loves sharing her fashion expertise and the tips and tricks she's picked up along the way. For media inquiries please contact

News 1130

Jen comes back to speak with Simon Druker from News 1130 about making the most of your last minute Christmas shopping. The interview aired on Friday December 16th, 2016.

Click on the image to read about the article or listen to the recordings below.

News 1130

Clip 1:

Clip 2:

One last full weekend of Christmas shopping left

CTV News

From the CTV News studio in Vancouver Jen spoke with Anchor Todd van der Heyden in Toronto. The live interview was broadcast coast to coast on Wednesday December 23rd described as the busiest shopping day of the year for Canadians. While some of the ideas Jen shared are specific to the Christmas holidays a lot of the tips can work to make shopping easier all year round.

CTV News

News 1130

As a professional shopper Jen has a few suggestions on how to survive shopping the final few days before Christmas and find great gifts for friends and loved ones. Jen offered up some tips to those doing last-minute Christmas shopping with reporter Simon Druker from News 1130. Hear the interview aired on Tuesday December 22nd.

News 1130

CBC News

Reporter and Editor Bal Brach from CBC News contacted Jen to get her reaction to a new study from UBC that showed high-end luxury brands snobby sales staff made bigger sales. Jen gave her thoughts on if it pays to offer good customer service.

CBC News

CBC Interviews Jen


On the heels of Vancouver Fashion Week, Dana Bowen from 24 hrs Vancouver contacted Jen to give advice as a stylist on interpreting F/W 2014 fashion trends off the runway. Click through for the full article.

24hrs Vancouver

Runway fashions a guide, not gospel: stylist

Global BC

Elaine Yong from Global BC News Hour contacted Jen to weigh in on the future of Lululemon in light of the recent quality issues as well as the disparaging remarks made by founder and former CEO Chip Wilson about customers at the end of last year. Click through to watch the segment. Global BC

Business Cards

David Walker, Partner at Saint Bernadine Mission Communications Inc. approached Jen with an idea to make her business cards in the shape of men's pocket squares. The collaborative process was really great and the resulting cards won the agency a 2013 Lotus award for Best Stationery.

Saint Bernadine Pocket SquareSaint Bernadine Pocket Square

The Loop

Ryan Porter, writer and editor for's Style section asked Jen to contribute to his 2013 Boxing Day shopping strategies piece. Click through to see Jen's tip and the rest of the article.

The Loop

one1one Magazine

Ghazel Elhaei, Editor In Chief of one1one magazine wrote an article about Jen and Your Everyday Stylist, published in their holiday issue. Click through to read the feature (starting on page 48) along with some of Jen's "tools for every wardrobe."

one1one magazine

CTV BC: The Last Word

David Gerry from CTV news interviewed Jen as his shopping expert in The Last Word: Man shopping vs. woman shopping. Click here to go to the CTV site and watch the short clip.

CTV News Vancouver

CBC Radio One On the Coast

Jen was invited to CBC Radio one On the Coast with Stephen Quinn on Friday November 29th, 2013 to discuss and debate the merits of Black Friday shopping and getting deals. Listen to the friendly banter from the live studio recording.

On the Coast

Global BC

Jen shares her style insights with Global BC reporter Elaine Yong, in a series of mini consumer Style Segments for their 24 hour news channel, BC1. Find the videos in our new YouTube channel.